"You Are About To Learn Ancient Secrets
That Have Been Hidden By The Elite
For Millennia That Are Available From No Other Source On The Planet -- Guaranteed!"

If You're Tired Of Surfing The Web For The Truth About What Is Going On In The World And Want Real Answers Based On Years Of In-Depth Research And The Hardcore Study Of Ancient Language
You're In The Right Place...

Dear Friend,

Have you ever watched the Indiana Jones movie about the Temple of the Crystal Skulls? There was a clip in that movie that was quite profound. After the crystal skull had been replaced, the Russian scientist said to the alien beings 'I want to know! I want to know! Upon hearing her request and looking deeply into her soul, they gave her what she wanted, which was a bit more than she bargained for. It made me mindful of another movie called 'A Few Good Men' with Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman when Gene Hackman vehemently told Tom Cruise, 'you can't handle the truth!' And the fact was...

He Was Right

That was because the truth didn't fit with the world as Tom Cruise saw it from his perspective. The reason I bring up these two instances is because I know from years of experience that many people who say they want the truth are really simply looking for a body of information

That Supports Their Existing Belief System

Anyone with that mindset will never really understand the truth and will therefore, never be free from the lies that hold our world captive.


There are individuals, however, maybe like yourself, who realize that something is very wrong with the world and that the existing religions and philosophies that are guiding the world are not doing a very good job and that there must be a deeper truth to this existence. I'm here to tell you that if you believe that is true, you are absolutely correct! This is why an ancient prince named Kingu, once of the greatest sages of all time stated that it is not the philosophies of religion or ideologies of politics that will enable you to live freely, but

"The Truth And The Truth Alone That Will Make You Free"

The problem is that the truth is extremely difficult to find and takes a great deal of dedication, time and expertise

Three Things That Most People Simply Do Not Have

There is an ancient text from the Bible that expresses how deeply the truth has been hidden and says that to find it we must 'ask', 'seek' and 'knock' which means in the Greek language to 'constantly' and 'persistently pursue' it. Elsewhere, it tells us that to find it we must search for it like a lion seeking the prey.

But Why Is The Truth So Difficult To Find?

Because even at that time in history, the men who wrote those words knew that there had been a concerted effort by those who knew the ancient secret truth, to hide it beneath doctrines, languages and belief systems in order to control the minds of the masses for their own purposes. This is why we are told later in the Bible that in the Last Days of earth, the masses will believe a strong delusion that that will cause them to believe a lie; this is precisely where the world has found itself, today; desperately seeking the truth because

They Know The Time Is Short Just As It States
In Every Major Ancient Text

The genuine truth seeker, therefore, will always choose to know the truth and will decide that knowing the truth is their ultimate goal, no matter the outcome and no matter the cost to their pre-existing system of beliefs.

Does This Describe You?

If so...

I Would Like To Extend A Personal Invitation To You

But first let me introduce myself...

Me Lecturing At One Of My Seminars

My name is Dr. Scott McQuate. I am a published author, lecturer, researcher and exegete (I uncover what's beneath ancient languages). I've received my education from a number of colleges and universities including Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Ashland University, Ashland Theological Seminary, Asbury College, Midwest Theological Seminary and Walsingham University. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree and PhD in Scriptural Psychology. I've been the featured guest on many (dozens) of radio shows across the world and my first book, Blueprint For Bondage is now read in over 60 countries.

Blueprint For Bondage By Dr. Scott McQuate

In late 2008 I was the featured guest on one of the most popular, well-known, worldwide radio/tv shows in the world today. The show was slated for one hour, but we ended up doing it for more than three because of the public's high interest in my research. The show was so well-received that they had me back on by popular demand as the first guest of 2009, (which, I am told, is an honor and a very unusual occurrence for guests on that program), and we ended up doing three shows all together, all nearly three hours in length; and I barely scratched the surface of the information that I teach at the Inner Circle. That is just one example of the response to my research. It is highly-unique and resonates with those that are hungry for truth;

  And You Can Now Have Access To My Research
That Has Never Been Released Before!

Here are some of the motivating factors that have enabled me to acquire the deeply-hidden, ancient and all-important information that is now available to you.

I grew up in a religious home and most of my education followed suit. All through my undergraduate studies and even into my PhD, I was bothered by one question that has brought me to the place I am today; why couldn't the Teachers, Pastors and University Professors (some of which are well-known, world-renowned scholars today) answer the tough questions? I remember asking myself, if they, with all of their extensive education, are still unable answer the all-important questions, then there must be a better path to follow to get to the truth?

And That Is The Point At Which My Journey Into The Truth Truly Began 

There is no worse feeling for a top student (or a student of any capacity), than to sit in the front row of your classes with the best of intentions and be let down over and over with one weak answer after another to the important questions. (And it's even more difficult when you see everyone around you accepting those answers as the truth!)

Can You Relate?

If you're like most people who are serious about finding the truth, you've read books, or listened to interviews and set your DVR to record anything remotely related to your topic of interest and yet you've just not felt like any of the answers satisfy that deep, abiding hunger for truth. Am I right? This is because there is something within people like you that craves real answers and you've got a truth meter embedded in the middle of your brain that acts like a lie detector that evokes that sinking feeling when the 'experts' start to spew their rhetoric. You know what I mean...


I know you do. You think to yourself 'oh, here we go again with the disinformation or propoganda rhetoric' and you wonder, 'how many different ways can these people 'spin' the same old lies?!

I Feel Your Pain

Seriously. I would rather hear nails on a chalkboard than see lies written upon one, especially lies told behind the smile of a trusted 'expert', 'scholar' or 'religious teacher' under the guise of truth. It's not only frustrating, but immoral and a bit condescending, isn't it?

Well, you'll be happy to know that those days are over for you, if you really want them to be.

My Committment To You

Back in the year 2000, I had reached my limit. I had gotten the 'some things are just not supposed to be known' answer for the last time. At that point I embarked on a personal journey into the truth and committed to finding it.

To begin my journey, I did something that you might think is a little strange, or maybe not. I fasted, meditated and prayed for 3 solid days. I drank water, but ate nothing. During that 3 day period I asked for wisdom to find the truth and to be able to teach it to others, so they too, could be free from the lies and rhetoric and be able to make choices based on that truth.

Since That Time My Life Has Absolutely Been
A Truth-Seekers Dream!

I am not kidding. I compare it to a Steven Spielberg movie on steroids when it comes to the excitement I've experienced and the high-caliber truth I've uncovered and have been able to share with others through my books, seminars and private Learning Network called The Inner Circle. I've taught scholars, pastors, authors, researchers, professors, scientists and other individuals who are qualified in their respective fields as well as stay-at-home mom's, blue-collar workers, seminary students, laymen and many others. Regardless of their background and how little or how much education they have, I appreciate them all. They have all learned things from my teachings that they never knew before that changed their lives and they all understand one thing clearly from their time spent with me

I've Personally Discovered Life-Changing Truths That Have Been Hidden From Humanity Beneath The Ancient Texts That Are Available From No Other Source

And I'm talking about serious, mind-blowing truths that are not available anywhere else on the planet. At least not to the public. They may be locked up in the Vatican library or buried in some Freemasonic chamber somewhere, but I and my students have looked and this information is nowhere to be found. (I've even spoken at length with several 32nd-degree Freemasons, some of whom have been Masons for more than 25 years. They are all shocked by my discoveries and have never been taught the information I've shared with them.)

And It's All Corroborated By Codes And Secret Messages I've Discovered That Have Been Hidden Within The Bible And Other Ancient Texts

So, how have I discovered them?

It's important for you to understand that it's literally taken me more than a decade and tens of thousands of hours of diligent research to uncover what's been hidden; and none of that time includes my traditional education!

In the ancient texts, the teachers like Jesus, Buddha and others talk about the truth coming to those who have 'eyes to see' and 'ears to hear' but only through a lot of hard work described as asking, seeking and knocking; and now I know exactly what they mean. You see, the truth has always been there but unbeknownst to Scholars and Theologians, it's been intentionally hidden beneath many layers of language and behind a false context for literally thousands of years. This is what the Bible means when it says 'It is the glory of God to conceal a thing and the glory of Kings to discover a matter.' The truth needed to be dug up, like a buried treasure hidden beneath the surface of the Bible and other ancient texts which, unbeknownst to the experts, are repositories of secret hidden knowledge;

And That Is Precisely What I've Done

I Am A Treasure Hunter

More specifically, I am your treasure hunter.

I have dug into ancient texts for many years with my 'shovels' of Lexicons and 'pick axes' of etymological dictionaries to uncover what's been intentionally buried beneath the Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic and other ancient languages, including the oldest of all written languages; The Sumerian Cuneiform; a very powerful and elucidating language understood only by a handful of people in the world. In doing so, I have found a treasure-trove of truth.

Are You Ready For A Secret?

There is the reason I can give you viable, synapse-sizzling answers to ancient questions that no one else is able to give you: I've discovered an exegetical secret that allows me to uncover answers to the deepest questions missed by the Scholars for literally thousands of years.

The Secret

The principals of exegesis used by the Scholars and Theologians of today fall under the umbrella of Hermeneutics. Unbeknownst to them, those principals are baesd on the philosophy of an individual named Hermes, who is also known as Mercury, Toth or Ham...

This Is The Same Individual Upon Whose Philosophy
Freemasonry And The Illuminati Base Their Teachings!

By using those principals, the Scholars and Theologians to whom people turn for truth, are left with only a partial map and cannot therefore, provide the answers that really matter.

This is why their teachings always lead to partial answers and more confusion. Those principals of exegesis were implemented by ancient members of the Illuminati and Freemasonry as the standard for studying the ancient texts, because they knew that those principals, as a fact, would cause the masses to remain in the dark...and allow them to remain in control. This might sound outlandish at first blush, but it is a fact. I further support it with my research exposing the fact that both the primary writer of the New Testament and the editor of the King James Bible

Were Both High-Ranking Freemasons!

By using my proprietary research method (which took years to develop and was like finding an old yellowed map to an underground vault containing a wealth of ancient hidden knowledge), I have been able to solve many all-important riddles. Here is just a taste of what you will learn when you become a member of the Inner Circle:

Who built the Great Pyramid and what significance does it have to you, personally?
What are UFO's and ORB's and where do they come from?
What is the Ark of the Covenant and what does it have to do with your DNA?
Why is Israel so significant and why have their ancient borders been hidden?
What did the Red Sea that Moses parted really symbolize?
What is the Holy Grail and where is it located?
What really happened in the Garden in Eden and where is it located?
What is the Bi-ble really a secret symbol of?
How can you survive the coming destruction and preserve your spirituality?
Why do Freemasons use aliases and what does it have to do with a secret stone?
What secrets does the Cuneiform language hold to solving the great mysteries?
What is the Cherub with the flaming sword that guards Eden and where is it located?
What famous figure integral to the founding of Christianity used an alias?
Who is Lucifer and what are her other names?
What prominent leader in our world is literally a clone of an ancient fallen angel?
Who is hiding behind the figure known as YHWH in the Bible?
What ancient sources were used for all of the stories in the Bible?
Who was Jesus...really?
What was the real name of Jesus unknown to all Theologians and Scholars?
What popular fairy tale is based entirely on Genesis 1 and 2?
What other popular fairy tale is entirely based on ancient hidden secrets about your DNA?
What secret items in the Bible are shrouded references to your genetics?
What is the significance of the theme of Red and Blue in old paintings and movies?
  How are Mary, the mother of Jesus and Nefertiti inextricably linked?
What is your government not telling you about the crucial prophecy of the Fig Tree?
How will this prophecy have dire consequences for you and your family?
What is the real meaning of The Great Tribulation?
What molecules are secretly referenced by the ancient Sumerians and Biblical Scribes?
What is the real meaning of Repentance?
What is the Abomination of Desolation and where is it?
Where can you go to actually touch Ezekiel's Wheel in a Wheel?
What are your leaders not telling the world about Procreation?
Why do you already have the Mark of the Beast and what is the real meaning of 666?
What planet has the Illuminati hidden from the world and why have they hidden it?
Why is the ancient Cuneiform language of such great importance for knowing the truth?
Where is hell?
What were the Serpent and the Fruit in Eden?
What prophecy of global destruction, spoken of by all cultures, is taking place right now?
Why have the global leaders hidden the importance of the planet Saturn?
Why is there such a struggle between the sexes?
Why are all Pastors and Scholars completely oblivious to these all-important issues?
And many more!

The truth of these and many more ancient, all-important questions has come from many years of intense research and much sacrifice, but it has all been worth it,

Because I've Been Able To Share The Answers With Thousands Of People Like You From All Around The World

My students know the quality of my teaching and seek me for viable answers to the toughest questions often even in regards to their finances, work, relationships and more. They know that even though the treasure of truth can sometimes be heavy,

It Is A Breath Of Fresh Air In A World Built On Lies

Here are just a few testimonials from real students of mine at the Inner Circle:

"Thank you for your incredible research. You've got a way of teaching that keeps me
coming back for more!"

- Sue M., Member

"Dr. McQuate's material is very interesting! Much like Zecharia Sitchin's
but with greater insight and detail."
- Stephen N., Member

"If you're wondering whether or not to join Dr. McQuate's Inner Circle, I can tell you,
Stop Wondering! I'm 68 years old, have heard all kinds of teachers and I can tell you
that you won't regret it. You will learn things you just can't find anywhere else."
- Emily C.,- Member

I have read the Bible several times and never saw the shrouded messages
that you've so eloquently pointed out. It makes one wonder how many other 
are dangled right in front of our eyes. Great work!"
- Brian D., - Member

 You have such a gift and YOUR CONTENT IS ENTHRALLING! More people
need to have this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT INFORMATION in their hands,

-Margaret C., - Member

"Your teachings are awesome. I am anxiously awaiting my next session with you."
- Brian T., - Member

"You should charge ten times more for the information you've found. It's truly
changed my life and is amazing. I always knew there had to be a more accurate
explanation to the questions I've had and now I know I was right. You truly are
a Scholar and I thank you for your hard work and kind heart."

-Janet M., - Member

"I was a Pastor for 20 years but honestly only understood the deeper meaning
of many Biblical passages after I became a member of your Inner Circle. It's obvious
that so many Pastors are incorrect in what they teach. It is truly disturbing to me
how many important secrets have been concealed beneath the surface. You really do
have a gift for teaching and deciphering meaning for these Last Days."

-Charles K., - Member

"Doc McQuate is simply awesome. I've been a member for over a year and every time
I talk with him, he blows me away with what he knows. If you want the truth, this is
the man to speak with. Join the Inner Circle and you will never regret it for a minute."

Kyle C. - Member

So, if you want to know the truth and would like an education that you cannot obtain anywhere else...

I Invite You To Share In My Treasure

If you truly want viable answers to some of the most ancient, enduring questions then I invite you to join the Inner Circle. Let the truth mend your tattered sails, ripped by the lies of the long-winded 'experts' and set you on a course toward the shores of truth.

Let my research be your soothing oasis in an arid desert full of rhetoric, half-truths and lies. Join the Inner Circle now and learn the ramifications of what I present to you. I promise you that once you step into the truth, your life will never be the same!

There are four membership options for joining. Here are the four memberships and what you receive with each one:


Monthly Basic

Monthly Apprentice

Yearly Basic

Yearly Apprentice

Includes Basic Membership to Dr. McQuate's Personal Full-Scale Social Network

Ability To Join Discussion Groups and Forums

Ability To Create Discussion Groups and Forums

Ability To Create Your Own Personal Blog

Includes Access To Hundreds Of Network Videos

Includes Access to Dr. McQuate’s Research Papers

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Personal Access to Dr. McQuate via email

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Includes A Mailed Copy of Dr. McQuate’s New 2-Hour Audio Teaching ‘The Great Tribulation Ancient Secrets You’ve Never Been Told’ and 30-Minute DVD

Includes A Mailed Copy of Dr. McQuate’s New 1-Hour Video ‘The Red Dragon and the Sheep: The Return of Nibiru’

Includes A Signed Hardback Version of Dr. McQuate’s Book ‘Blueprint For Bondage



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